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Our Wines


Our straw wine comes from ancient history, and the name itself probably derives from the word “shekar,” a very old term for fermented drinks. It is a wine made for celebrations, perfect to serve when you have guests in your house. Quite aromatic, perfect for meditation.

Cinqueterre Dop

Our Cinque Terre DOP is a melange of all of the scents and tastes of our land. Our classic white wine, made according to DOP regulations with Bosco, Albarola, and Vermentino grapes. You can always find this wine on our own tables because its structure makes it perfect for serving with a large variety of meals. Crisp and intense, it is the emblematic white wine of our cellar.

Vin De Gussa

Vin di Gussa is our ripasso. A white wine that comes from a second passage of pressed Sciacchetrà skins in a barrel containing the wine obtained from the third press of the Cinque Terre DOP. A classic technique from the culture of winemaking know-how, bringing out the tastes of the Cinque Terre terroir.

Menestrun d'Ua

The Cinque Terre is historically and agriculturally predisposed for growing white grapes, but that didn’t stop farmers from also cultivating red grapes over the centuries for personal use. They planted a wide range of varieties, and we have harvested them into this wine that we call “minestrone” precisely because it is made from a mixture of grapes.

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