“It takes all sorts” That’s what Bernardo always used to say to his son Oreste. “All sorts,” to Bernardo, meant all of the grape varieties growing in the vineyard, those that were healthier and riper, ready to resist the long period of drying in order to become Sciacchetrà. In the Capellini family cellar, this recipe has been passed on from father to son for seven generations. And it is this passion for “all sorts” that inspired us to create this box.

Cinque Terre Dop

Cinque Terre DOP is our classic white wine, made according to DOP regulations with Bosco, Albarola, and Vermentino grapes. Centuries of winemaking have created this structured wine with fresh, intense flavors.

Menestrun d'Ua

Menestrun d’Ua comes from a mixture of grapes. These are the last bunches to arrive in the cellar at the end of the harvest season, and thanks to the talent of our winemakers, they are transformed into a pleasant, easy-drinking red wine. Perfect for meals.

Extra-virgin olive oil

Our unfiltered extra-virgin olive oil offers the full range of flavors and aromas. It is over 90% Moraiolo olives, with Leccino olives making up the rest of it, and it will add the perfect touch to all your dishes.

For a taste of tradition and passion

By purchasing this box, you will be helping to preserve the lands of the Cinque Terre. We are working to maintain and protect the dry stone walls that are the backbone of the terraces that our grapes grow on. Thanks to your contribution, we will plant a new vine with your name on it. As soon as it is ready, we will send you updates and photos of your plant, and we invite you to come visit our vineyard as often as you like to see your precious contribution in person.

JUST €60 per box, shipping excluded

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