Our Team

We are the Capellinis. We have been following our tradition of winemaking for seven generations and are currently led by Luciano, who learned the art of making wine with patience and dedication from his father Oreste and his grandfather Bernardo. At his side we have his son Mirco, who was raised in Parma but has always called this slice of the Ligurian coastline home during the summer months, and Mirco’s wife Laura.

Our heart belongs to Volastra

Our family has always lived in Volastra, a splendid hilltop village in the Cinque Terre that has been able to evolve with the arrival of tourism without losing its soul, turning age-old farming and winemaking traditions into its main attraction. Whoever passes through Volastra stops and marvels at the intense beauty of the sky seen from up here. And down below, the sea, and all around, vineyards embraced by the legendary dry stone walls. This is a unique landscape, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 and turned into a National Park in 1999.

Neverending passion

We spend most of our time here making wine the way our grandfathers taught us, adapting their know- how and techniques to modern developments in farming and winemaking. Over the past few years we have started a gradual digital transformation of the business, making small, effective changes that respect our guiding principles. And one of our longstanding dreams of creating a wine tasting space directly in the vineyards overlooking the sea has recently come true, offering a place where travelers and wine enthusiasts can come together to enjoy and appreciate our homegrown products.
“Bringing nearly-abandoned parcels of land back to life is the force that guides our family. Telling the stories of the history and labor behind our wine at a location like Agrivino, where we can personally share our wines with visitors, is the best way to transmit the values that my father Luciano has taught us for all these years.”

Mirco Capellini