A place like no other on earth

              Our wine cellar is in the small village of Volastra, which is located 330 meters above sea level in the steep hills above Manarola and played a decisive role in the construction of the Cinque Terre landscape. Our vineyard is actually made up of many different pieces of terraced farmland surrounding the village. Terraced farming is made possible by digging flat spaces out of the hills and shoring them up with dry stone walls, built without mortar and placed directly on the bedrock, and which hold up the farmland in the shape of a large staircase. Even the steepest of hills can be tamed and made arable through this technique.    

Our ties to the past

The terraces as we know them today are in fact an ancient characteristic of this area. In the Cinque Terre, grape farming is quite difficult, which is how the name “heroic winemaking” came about. It encapsulates the gruelling work in the fields, where everything must be done by hand, climbing up and down the “steps” that have been here for centuries. When the Romans arrived, the Ligurians were already masters in the art of building dry stone walls. You will see striking examples of them in the Valle dei Pozzi and the Costa da Posa around Volastra, where the grapes destined to become our wines come from.

Our mission

Our family’s mission focuses on maintaining farming traditions and working the land with respect. A large portion of our resources is spent every year in maintaining the stone walls, protecting them, and when necessary, rebuilding them. Only these walls make it possible to create the terraces upon which our vineyards are born. This demanding land, so hard to shape and cultivate, gives us intense, salty, floral, structured wines.

"This is the land of vin bun.
Where stories of the past and wines of the future come from."