Cantina Capellini

Seventh generation wine makers

“Stories from the past, wines from the present”

Our work is based on a family recipe

We are small part of a larger dream to keep the memories and traditions of Volastra alive through its wine.
In these hills, people were already making wine when Genoa was still a Greek colony and the Roman Empire started out on its path of expansion.
Over millennia, our farming tradition produced wines that were praised by kings, popes, and poets. We remain proud of this heritage and strive to keep our roots strong while turning our faces toward the future.


A special straw wine

Cinqueterre DOP

A unique white

Vin de Gussa

Our ripasso

Menestrun d'Ua

Ruby Red

“We make our wines the way our parents and grandparents did, the way they taught us with patience and devotion over the years. But we look to the future with the same enthusiasm as we look at the past.”

Taste the culture of a place: discover our wine tastings


Guided visit of the wine cellar followed by a walk through our MuVi and a wine tasting in the vineyard.

Starting April 2022


Evening wine tasting while gazing on the beauty of the vineyard and the Mediterranean Sea directly below.

Starting in June 2022

Just Us

A romantic evening for couples with candlelit wine tasting and panoramic views

Starting April 2022

Stairway to wine

A guided hike up steep trails, at the end of which you will have earned your cellar visit and wine tasting in the vineyard

Starting April 2022


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